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Aikido Classes

Adult Classes (open to teens 14 years and up with instructor permission). Beginners always welcome. First class FREE.
Basic: Beginners start in the basics class. Open to all levels.
Intermediate: Students who have progressed sufficiently will be invited to attend intermediate classes.

Intermediate $50/month
Class Fee$10/day

Aikido Special Events

On February 25, and March 3, 2020, from 6:30 to 7:30 PM, Aikido of Montpelier founder, Sara Norton will teach special Aikido classes with the focus on Ki. The class is for intermediate and advanced students.

Non-Affiliated Classes

The Clothespin Factory, the location of our beautiful practice space, offers classes in various other arts, including:

Tai Chi. The slow, fluid movements of the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi train practitioners to find the source of movement at the body's core. The graceful movements of Tai Chi bring the nervous system into balance and awaken the flow of chi energy. Students will learn the classic Yang Long Form, a solo pattern that is a treasure to practice as personal exercise for a lifetime. Instructor: Sara Norton. Classes are sequential. Call (802) 454-8550 for info and start dates.

Montpelier SunDo Center. SunDo is committed to educating people around the world to help them attain better physical, emotional and mental health. Contact information and class times.


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Adult Basics & Beginner
6:30 pm
7:15 pm
Adult Intermediate
7:30 pm
8:00 pm
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