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Aikido Classes

Adult Classes (open to teens 14 years and up with instructor permission). Beginners always welcome. First class FREE.
Basics: Open to all levels. Beginners start in the basics class.
Intermediate: Open to intermediate and advanced students. The intermediate class is the next progression after the basics class.
Advanced: Students who have progressed sufficiently will be invited to attend advanced classes.

Intermediate & Advanced $50/month
Class Fee$10/day

*Note: all levels are encourage to take advantage of the monthly cost savings. For example, a beginner can attended the first hour of class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In a typical month of four weeks, there would be eight classes. The $40 dues covers all eight classes, which is a $40 savings over the daily $10 per class cost!

Aikido Special Events

Soaring Cranes: Aikido for Kids. A 5-Week Courses.
This course is geared to ages 7 to 12. No martial arts experience required.

About the Courses: Avoiding hurting others, but instead harmonizing with them, is at the heart of Aikido. We learn not how to fight, but how to cooperate with our partners, and how to resolve conflict in a positive way, keeping ourselves and others safe, while respecting our own personal space.

Date & Time: Beginning January 18, 2019 through February 15, on Fridays from 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Instructors: led by Nan Buss and Sarah Seidman.

Location: in Montpelier at 1 Granite Street. (Down by the river near the Coop, next to the Iron Bridge, at the Clothespin Factory, third floor.)

Fee: $40 for a five-week course. (Siblings pay $30.) Please pre-registration.

To pre-register or for more information, email .

Non-Affiliated Classes

The Clothespin Factory, the location of our beautiful practice space, offers classes in various other arts, including:

Tai Chi. The slow, fluid movements of the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi train practitioners to find the source of movement at the body's core. The graceful movements of Tai Chi bring the nervous system into balance and awaken the flow of chi energy. Students will learn the classic Yang Long Form, a solo pattern that is a treasure to practice as personal exercise for a lifetime. Instructor: Sara Norton. Classes are sequential. Call (802) 454-8550 for info and start dates.

Qi Gong. Chinese medicine in motion. Combines movement, meditation and breathing exercises. Qi Gong works with the Qi energy that animates us and gives us life through simple, graceful movements suitable for everyone. These practices restore the smooth circulation of Qi to enhance wellbeing. Beginners welcome, experience not required. Move, breathe, feel great! Instructor: Edward Kentish, licensed acupuncturist and longtime practitioner of Chinese and Japanese movement arts. Info: (802) 229-4537.

Montpelier SunDo Center. SunDo is committed to educating people around the world to help them attain better physical, emotional and mental health. Contact information and class times.


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