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EA Sports FC 24 is set to release in late September with a wide range of improvements across the game. A consistent upgrade that will be evident across the game will be seen in the gameplay, it is set to be powered by the highest-quality match engine that we have ever seen.

The gameplay at the latter end of the FIFA series has already taken huge leaps in terms of quality and realism.

The HyperMotion 2 technology utilised in FIFA 23 represented one of the biggest improvements in recent years. That trend it set to continue upon the release of FC 24.

The main aim of HyperMotion technology is to incorporate real-life football animations into the game. This has been conducted successfully in recent years, but in FC 24 it will be taken to the next level.

The Frostbite engine works in conjunction with HyperMotion technology. It utilises the technology to create unique player animations within the game. The engine itself powers the graphics of the game, from realistic crowd celebrations to intricate details such as rippling effects in player's shirts

A new addition to FC 24 is a gameplay feature known as PlayStyles. This will allow certain players to possess animations that are unique to them in-game. From passing styles to shooting techniques - all the world's star players will be replicated with extraordinary accuracy in FC 24.

Here we will outline all the details in relation to the three different aspects that will impact gameplay in EA Sports FC.

The Ultimate Edition cover of EA Sports FC 24.

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HyperMotion V

HyperMotion V is the newest version of the technology that uses real-life football footage to implement realistic animations in-game.

In FC 24 the technology is set to take its biggest strides yet. HyperMotion V is a significant improvement on HyperMotion 2.0, which was used in FIFA 23.

The latest version of the technology will use volumetric data from 183 professional men's and women's football matches to mould realistic player movements in-game.

Full teams will have authentic movement styles from the goalkeeper to forwards, with over 1200 running types to mirror how elite players move throughout the world.

In total EA has captured 1.3 billion of data from real-life fixtures which will help to make the game as realistic as possible.

Erling Haaland with UCL trophy

The volumetric motion data which is new for full XI's ahead of FC 24, will allow iconic moments from real-life to be imported into the game.

The official gameplay reveal in Amsterdam outlined Erling Haaland's acrobatic kick against Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League as an example.

Throughout the game's cycle, the HyperMotion V technology will allow EA Sports to add more iconic finishing styles to the game, as the goals go in throughout the season.

Artificial intelligence mimicking will also be a key feature of HyperMotion V - AI players will be able to mimic the movement of user-controlled players to provide realistic running styles when tracking their runners.

The HyperMotion technology will again deliver unique running archetypes in FC 24, seven unique styles will be available, separated into the three categories of explosive, controlled, and lengthy.

Accelerate 2.0 Styles:

  • Lengthy
  • Mostly Lengthy
  • Controlled Lengthy
  • Controlled
  • Controlled Explosive
  • Mostly Explosive
  • Explosive

Ball physics and goalkeeper handling animations have also been improved through the use of the HyperMotion V technology.


HyperMotion V technology has also enabled a new feature for FC 24 - unique PlayStyles. This will make different players feel significantly different from each other, based on their real-life traits and characteristics on the pitch.

There are 34 different PlayStyles in total, split into five different categories. Playstyles could be set to shake up how the flagship Ultimate Team mode works. The meta players in FC 24 could well be those that possess the most overpowered PlayStyles.

Each Playstyle will also have two different versions: Playstyle and Playstyle+. Playstyle+ will differentiate good players from world-class players.

PlayStyles will be available across all game modes from Ultimate Team to Career Mode and beyond.

EAFC concept menu design featuring online career mode.

In Ultimate Team the PlayStyles will be fixed to certain cards, but in other modes like Career Mode and Pro Clubs specific PlayStyles can be earned. There is of course an exception in Ultimate Team, which is that some cards will have upgradeable PlayStyles through the new Evolutions feature.

All PlayStyles:


  • Power Shot
  • Dead Ball
  • Chip Shot
  • Finesse Shot
  • Power Header


  • Pinged Pass
  • Incisive Pass
  • Long Ball Pass
  • Tiki Taka
  • Whipped Pass

Ball control

  • First Touch
  • Flair
  • Press Proven
  • Rapid
  • Technical
  • Trickster


  • Block
  • Bruiser
  • Intercept
  • Jockey
  • Slide Tackle
  • Anticipate


  • Acrobatic
  • Aerial
  • Trivela
  • Relentless
  • Quick-Step
  • Long Throw


  • Far Throw
  • Footwork
  • Cross Claimer
  • Rush Out
  • Far Reach
  • Quick Reflexes

In terms of shooting, from an Erling Haaland Power Shot to a delicate Mohamed Salah Finesse Shot - players will be able to finish just like their real-life selves in FC 24.

Kevin de Bruyne's playmaking skills will be done justice at last through the passing styles, and Neymar Jr's skillfulness will be on show due to the Flair ball control.

Virgil van Dijk kisses the Champions League trophy.

Players like Virgil van Dijk may be given the defensive Playstyle of Jockey in order to defend proactively, and more aggressive defenders like Rúben Dias could receive the Slide Tackle Playstyle.

Haaland will surely also headline the stars that receive the Acrobatic style, which will enable unique abilities when the ball is in the air.

Alisson Becker will surely be the owner of a goalkeeping Playstyle, Quick Reflexes could perhaps be the most accurate choice due to his strong shot-stopping abilities while under pressure.

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The Frostbite engine will power the FC 24 match engine, and its high-quality graphics will lay the foundations for the HyperMotion V technology and PlayStyles to truly influence the game.

Frostbite powers a majority of EA's games, and it has been powering the FIFA series for many titles now - this is set to continue but with new improvements for FC 24.

The updated Frostbite Engine will bring vivid graphics to the maiden release of EA Sports FC. It will bring a fresh level of immersion to each match - each and every single fixture will have a unique feel.

The in-game player models have been redesigned with immense realism which has made them 10 times more anatomically precise and correct down to the most intricate details.

All-new Sapien character technology means that players look more realistic than ever in FC 24. The models we have seen so far such as Sam Kerr have shown we are set to be offered the most authentic experience ever when it comes to in-game player likenesses.

FC 24 Sam Kerr celebrating in-game.

The way in which EA uses Frostbite to create character models has been revamped using the Sapien technology. They have been able to achieve a peak in the authenticity of in-game players by creating new character skeletons.

Data in relation to the movements of real-life players have been used to create a fresh model that will possess more realistic and unique movements in FC 24.

From facial expressions to the placements of arms while running, and even the rippling effect of shirts. Each player will appear as an authentic version of their real-life self across FC 24's game modes.

Erling Haaland celebrating in FC 24.

In past FIFA games, facial expressions and player movements have been limited to certain criteria, but now each and every player will have a unique character in-game.

The Frostbite engine will also offer a match-day experience that is unrivalled compared to EA Sports titles of the past. There will be new cut scenes before and prior to matches, and a wider range available that maintain the uniqueness of the EA Sports FC experience.

Career Mode players could even be treated to new award ceremonies and competition draws in the game mode. Ballon d'Or ceremonies from the upcoming release have been leaked recently. It looks like there will be a realistic ceremony for the prestigious award in FC 24.

Career Mode saves will certainly be more exciting and rewarding with realistic award events powered by the Frostbite engine.

Perhaps the UEFA competition draws could also receive a more realistic ceremony in FC 24. Fans of the game mode could be treated to authentic UEFA Champions League draws live from the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland in the game.

Aside from offering a more authentic experience overall, new celebrations will surely feature in the newest EA Sports title.

The HyperMotion V technology could even be used to capture the precise movements of real-life celebrations. As players perform fresh celebrations in the 2023/24 season, we could see them added to the game by the technology and powered by the Frostbite engine.

Frostbite engine logo.

The three aspects of gameplay updates ahead of FC 24 will work in collaboration to create by far the most realistic experience to date.

Frostbite underpins the game's graphical prowess, and uses Sapien to make the character models more unique. HyperMotion V technology will make player animations more realistic and unique to specific individuals than we have ever seen before. PlayStyles will enable the superstars of the footballing world to hone their standout traits in-game.