• Brian Pillman Jr. has officially signed with WWE after attending a tryout at the Performance Center.
  • The move comes months after Pillman, who debuted in 2017, left AEW following the expiration of his contract
  • Pillman will be stating in the NXT brand, with WWE higher-ups being in no rush to have him debut on TV

A former AEW wrestler who left Tony Khan's company earlier this year has signed with the WWE, it has now been confirmed.

29-year-old Brian Pillman Jr., a second-generation superstar and son of the legendary Brian Pillman, recently signed with the WWE after attending a tryout at the WWE Performance Center back in July.

Now, it looks like the former AEW star has impressed the right people within the WWE and has signed a contract, where he'll be honing his skills in NXT.

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When will Brian Pillman make his WWE debut?

According to a fresh report from PWInsider, Brian Pillman Jr., the son of the legendary Brian Pillman, has officially started working for the WWE, but there is currently no timeframe on when the second-generation superstar will debut on television.

It is believed that he will spend the majority of his time for the foreseeable future training at the Performance Center before eventually debuting for the NXT brand in an official, on-screen capacity somewhere down the line.

At the tail end of his AEW run, Pillman was working hard on developing his in-ring skills and his character, and that is set to continue now that he's joined WWE.

Image credits: WWE Network & Brian Pillman Jr. on Twitter

This is the standard procedure for most new WWE Superstars as the Performance Center is where new recruits learn how to work the WWE style of wrestling and sports entertainment, which has been described as notoriously different to the independent circuit and other pro wrestling companies.

According to the report, the general feeling surrounding Pillman Jr. is that there is currently no rush to get him on television, and the company would prefer to take their time with him and have him learn the WWE style organically before eventually making his televised debut for NXT.

Image credits: AEW & Ryse Pro Wrestling

Latest news on Brian Pillman Jr.

Brian Pillman Jr. is still quite fresh in the world of professional wrestling.

He made his official debut at the very end of 2017. When Tony Khan formed All Elite Wrestling, Pillman made his debut at AEW's inaugural show, "Double Or Nothing" on May 25th, 2019.

Pillman was rarely used as a featured superstar in AEW, but he used the company as a platform to develop his in-ring skills and evolve his character.

He spent his final years with the company teaming with another young superstar by the name of Griff Garrison. Together, they performed under the tag-team name of "The Varsity Blondes".READ MORE: WWE legend Hulk Hogan's current physique after losing 40lbs due to giving up alcohol Pillman left AEW in July 2023 after his contract expired and wasn't renewed. In that same month, it was reported that Pillman was spotted attending a tryout at the WWE Performance Center.

Shortly after, Pillman began dropping hints that he had signed with the WWE. This was fueled further when he deleted a Tweet advertising an appearance for Ryse Pro Wrestling that was scheduled for September 9th, 2023.

It has been rumored ever since that Pillman would begin working for the WWE heading into September, which has now been confirmed by PWInsider as of this writing.

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