A video of Roy Keane is going viral on social media as the former Manchester United man reacted in hilarious fashion to comments made by Theo Walcott as the pair prepared for the Red Devils' meeting with Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon.

The duo were on Sky Sports during the build-up to the game and did a quick interview with Micah Richards who asked them which club they believed to be bigger right now. Walcott, a former Gunner gave his answer and the Irishman's reaction was simply brilliant and classic Keane.

It's still early days this season, but Arsenal have started the campaign in a much stronger fashion than Erik ten Hag's side. Picking up two wins and a draw in their first three games, the north London club are looking impressive and the summer arrival of Declan Rice is already looking like a match made in heaven. United on the other hand have had a mixed start, with an unconvincing win over Wolverhampton Wanderers followed by a drubbing from Tottenham Hotspur.

Things looked to have been going from bad to worse last week when they found themselves 2-0 down to Nottingham Forest in a record amount of time, but they came from behind to beat Steve Cooper's side 3-2 and avoid any further embarrassment. This, coupled with last season's performances, played a part in Walcott's answer, but Keane still wasn't impressed.

What did Theo Walcott say?

When asked by Richards who he thought was the bigger team right now, the former Gunner wasn't afraid to speak his mind. He stated that due to the recent fortunes of both sides, he considered Arsenal to be a bigger club right now, but admitted United still have it locked down on a historic basis.

Speaking to Micah, he said: "Arsenal finished above United, so if you're going right now, for me, I'd have to say them. I feel like they're a bit more organised. Especially behind the scenes as well."

Keane wasn't having any of it, though, and reacted only as he would, and it was hilarious.

How did Roy Keane react to Walcott's comments?

In typical fashion of the former United man, Keane's reaction was hilarious. As Walcott tried to explain why he thought Arsenal were a bigger club than the Red Devils right now, the Irishman simply patted him on the back.

While doing so, he said: "So naive and young, huh? So naive and young."

He was quick to let his opinion on the matter be heard too, saying: "Of course it's United. Of course it's United. Don't be silly."

Roy Keane

When asked about his predictions for the game, Keane went straight down the middle, though, predicting a 2-2 draw. Both Walcott and the former United man had fantastic careers in the Premier League, but the Irishman has become almost just as well known for his excellent work as a pundit and his entertaining personality as he rants and raves about the current goings-on within the English game.

Regardless of who is the bigger club right now, the two sides have shared a historic rivalry in the past, and the match on Sunday is just the latest chapter in an incredible story.